Top 10 Springs in Florida

If you’ve never seen the natural springs in and around Columbia County, Florida, you’re missing out on some of the most beautiful (and fun) places to visit in the state. My family planned a three-day adventure to tour the area’s top 10 springs —where we discovered a whole new kind of playground.

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Top Ways to Cool Off This Summer in Columbia County, Florida

While there are plenty of places in Florida you can visit, there’s something about Columbia County that will leave you captivated. Maybe it’s the stunning freshwater springs and rivers that wind their way through the area or the beauty of the nearby Osceola National Forest, but there’s no denying the charm that exudes from this part of Florida, especially when summer rolls around.... Read more

Flavors Of Lake City

For years I’ve traveled up and down the Interstate 75 corridor, passing Lake City along the way. This year, while visiting my grandchildren nearby, we decided to head to Lake City to explore. Just a mile or two off the interstate, fast food chains give way to locally-owned restaurants and a burgeoning craft beer scene. Katherine, ... Read more

10 Fun Facts About Columbia County, Florida

Columbia County, Florida, is a destination that has something for everyone. From history around every corner to beautiful springs and lakes and miles of footpaths for outdoor and nature lovers, it’s a place that feels like it’s right where you belong as soon as you arrive. An area that continuously leaves visitors and locals alike in awe. Some of the gems about this town include that it’s home to Florida’s first elevator and legendary sports broadcaster Pat Summera... Read more

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