The Rivers in Florida You Have to See

Thinking about taking a trip to Central Florida? Perhaps you want to visit the coast and soak up the sun. Whatever the case, if you’re planning on spending any amount of time in the Sunshine State then you really ought to think about visiting a Florida river.

Famed for their clear water, each Florida river has something unique going for it, whether it’s the stunning locations along the banks, the water sports or even just the history behind each area. Because of that, yo... Read more

Your Guide to Hiking in Florida: All the Routes You Need to Know

Of course, knowing that you want to go hiking in Florida is one thing, and knowing which hiking trails to take is something else entirely. Fortunately for you, I’ve already done the hard work, identifying just a few of the top hiking spots in Florida for you to investigate. Here’s where you’ll want to get started.

1. Big Shoals State Park Trail

This stunning Florida trail is in one of the State’s most well-known and well-loved tou... Read more

The Best Spots for Tubing in Florida

In the height of summer, Florida can get seriously hot. As the temperatures rise, native Floridians and tourists alike look for the best way to cool off and beat the heat. In Florida, in the summer, nothing beats a dip in a crystal clear, natural spring to provide a break from the baking heat, and the most fun to be had at a natural spring comes from gently drifting downstream on an inner tube.

Although Floridians are blessed with a huge variety of outdoor activities, river tubing i... Read more

A Dog’s Best Vacation in Lake City, FL

As soon as I spot Katy hitching up the travel trailer, I know she is going someplace fun. I start my paw-bounce to show her I want to go along. Since I'm a 65-pound rescue lab/golden retriever mix, I'm kind of hard to miss. I include a few woofs to make sure she knows I want in. “Yes, Romeo, you’re coming. We’re going camping and to

... Read more

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