Suwannee River Camping in Florida

The Suwannee River is one of Florida’s most beautiful rivers, and is perfect for a multi-stage canoe trek. Canoeing or kayaking through this wonderful landscape gets you up close and personal with the most gorgeous natural scenery in North Florida, and the quiet surroundings of Florida’s state parks will transport you to a more peaceful, simpler world.

The river trail from White Springs to Branford boasts an unusual series of 5 river campsites, offering screened wooden p... Read more

14 Unique Things to Do in Florida

Florida’s state motto used to be “the rules are different here,” and it is truly a special and unique place to visit. As a vacation destination, it is almost unrivaled, with great weather year-round, beautiful beaches across the length and breadth of the state, and an amazing array of exciting experiences and magical locations to discover.

But there are some places in particular that are unique to Florida, offering things to do that you just can’t find anywhe... Read more

Snorkeling in Florida

Year-round sun, golden sand, warm tropical waters, and coral reefs all make Florida the perfect destination for a snorkeling vacation. From gorgeous beaches and mysterious shipwrecks to crystal clear freshwater springs and tranquil lagoons, the state has everything snorkeling fans could want, and more.

Snorkeling in Florida guarantees amazing experiences wherever you are in the state. The diversity of options and habitats is incredible, with stark contrasts between the warm waters o... Read more

The Best Springs in Northern Florida

The glittering, crystal-clear waters of North Florida’s natural freshwater springs are one of the state’s most compelling tourist attractions. The gorgeous turquoise and azure-blue waters of the natural boils and aquifers are perfect for a cooling swim in the heat of the day, or snorkeling and scuba diving in the caves underground. The State Parks that surround the springs offer wonderful opportunities for boating and canoeing through the natural beauty of the area, hiking down sh... Read more

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