Hail, Columbia County, Florida

Hail, Columbia County, Florida 

Whether you show up in January or plan a visit for July, it’s always spring time in Columbia County. So proud are they of their rivers and crystal-clear springs that the county tourism bureau dubbed their official website springsrus.com.

Springs are only part of it. While Columbia County only has one city and one town, it has historic architecture, wonderful back ro... Read more

The Ultimate 3-Day Weekend Guide to Columbia County, Florida

The Ultimate 3-Day Weekend Guide to Columbia County, Florida 

Nature and history lovers, there’s a perfect Florida weekend getaway destination without the crowds you expect from a Florida vacation. How does three days of local restaurants, alligator sightings, hiking past waterfalls, kayaking, swimming and history museums sound? If that defines the perfect Florida weekend vacation to you, pack your hiking boots and bring the bathing suit to Columbia County, Florida,... Read more

6 Unforgettable Adventures in the Suwannee River Valley

Six Unforgettable Adventures in the Suwannee River Valley

Six unforgettable adventures await you in the Suwannee River Valley, home to the legendary river, as it winds through scenic state parks, natural springs, charming small towns, past music festivals and Civil War battlefields.

The Suwannee River is preserved in song, steeped in history, and presents a natural haven for outdoor enthusiasts. As this north Florida river winds its way from Geo... Read more

Top 10 Ways to Kick Back in Columbia County, Florida

Between Tallahassee and Jacksonville sits Columbia County, Florida, better known as Florida’s Gateway for being at the key corridor of Interstates 10 and 75, leading to Orlando. Instead of jockeying with 10,000 other minivans for left-lane advantage on I-75, plan to pull over in Columbia County’s Lake City because it’s actually the perfect place to park your fanny pack and to take the annual family vacation. Here are 10 of the top things to do in Columbia County, Florida, if... Read more

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